Essential Quality tools for the painter wishing to be free from technical constraints, for a greater freedom of expression.

These traditional tools have been carefully designed over the centuries to facilitate artistic expression.

Highly concentrated fixative - UniversalMade from protective acrylic resin, this Sennelier fixative is perfect for Artistswho want a powerful fixative which will not alter the appearance of their work.INNOVATION: for an accurate application with minimum overspray,turn the yellow nozzle in the cap to...
A traditional, oval shaped eraser. Sizes : 68 x 37 x 18 mm (2 5/8? x 1 7/16? x 1/32?).Very soft and efficient. Leaves no marks on paper. Box of 6 Code : N260892
Created for the most discerning artists, these premium quality vine charcoals are made from the finest willow rods. Repeated slow burning allows our non-compressed charcoals to combine the following qualities : deep black hue, uniform texture, soft, velvety touch. Box of 25 ( 3-4 mm / 1/8?) Code...
The one-piece wrought stainless steel palette knives enable the paste to be worked in a regular manner due to their non-warping blade.6 shapes. Code: N264152 + réf
A range of premium quality painting knives. Their one-piece wrought stainless steel blades, both flexible and non-warping,allow high precision work.Wooden handle, brass ferrule.29 shapes. Code: N264151 + réf
Length 24 cm (9 1/2?). Female right hand Code : M21 F Male right hand Code : M21 H Female left hand Code : M22 F Male left hand Code : M22 H
Made of polish wood, ball joint articulations, spring-mounted with metal rod on wooden base. Male Manikin 12 cm (4?) Code : M10 H 12 Male Manikin 30 cm (11?) Code : M11 H 30 Male Manikin 41 cm (16?) Code : M10 H 41 Male Manikin 51 cm (20?) Code : M10 H 51 Female Manikin 30 cm (11?) Code : M11...
Pad of 40 sheets, detachable after use. Size 5F : 35 x 27 cm (14? x 10?). Code : N139803