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Turner Touch Up Varnish

This is used as a temporary varnish to protect the canvas from dust or during early transport. Since it has a very diluted base, it does not suffocate the painting and does not slow down the oxidation process very much. Reduces in strength over time.

Dammar gum based light varnish, fast drying. To correct sinkage, brighten the tones or restart oil work on a dry base. It provides a good anchore between layers of paint and can also be used as a temporary painting varnish.
Thinners: Petroleum spirits or turpentine.

75 ml Jar
Code: N135181.75
250 ml Jar
Code: N135183
500 ml Jar
Code: N135184
1 jar of 1 l
Code: N135185
Aerosol 400ml
Code: N135187