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The range of Pastels à l'écu

525 shades.

All tones are made up of delicate shade gradients, tending towards white *.
These pastels are available in 3 sizes**.
The range of Grand soft pastels à l'écu includes 62 shades.
Their comfortable handling and large contact surface allow large areas to be covered with a high degree of regularity.

* With the exception of 3 (noted), for which the gradient makes use of different tones.
** The Grand soft pastel is available only in White and Ivory Black.

  • Standard size Pastel à l'écu (Ø = 10 mm ; longueur = 65 mm)
  • Pastel Code: N132001 + n°
  • Iridescent pastel Code: N132200 + n°

The Grand Soft Pastel à l'écu

  • Pastel Code: N132141 + n°
  • Complete range of Grand Soft pastel à l'écu
  • 62 colours x 3 Code: N132182 + 2 white giants + 2 black giants

Giant Soft Pastels à l'écu

Pastel Code: N132181 + n° available only in White 525 and Ivory Black 513