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The Jean-Roch Sauer Prize

The Taylor Foundation was created in 1844 and works to defend artists. Its vocation to support artistic creation is reflected in the organization of exhibitions and the awarding of numerous prizes. A new prize in memory of Jean-Roch Sauer will annually reward a new artist.

It was in Paris at the Saint-Georges theater that on January 10, Clotilde and Nina Sauer, respectively Jean-Roch's sister and daughter, presented the "Jean-Roch Sauer, Raphaël Sennelier" prize to Gordon Seward. Born in England in 1969, Gordon SEWARD won his first painting prize in 1981 (Sir Charles Wheeler Award, LONDON) and studied Fine Arts in England (Marlborough College, Bournemouth Art Foundation, Newcastle University of Fine Arts) where he received the « Best Student » scholarship (1994). His very colorful works have been exhibited all over France as well as abroad (USA, England, Wales, Spain, Switzerland...) and are present in many private collections around the world. He currently lives and works in the Toulouse region (South of France).

Created on the initiative of Clotilde Sauer and her cousin Eric Sauer, this prize pays tribute to the memory of Jean-Roch Sauer (1953 – 2006), a man of art who loved work of fine execution and concerned to provide quality products to artists.