Terms and Conditions of use

Conditions of use of any product of the Sennelier brandMAX SAUER, hereafter MAX SAUER, indicates that the products of its Sennelier brand are inspected at every stage of fabrication and are developed to guarantee optimal use under normal conditions of use. These conditions are as follows: use of Sennelier products within the framework of artistic activities, to the exclusion of restoration activities, on surfaces made of canvas or acid-free paper, under conditions of indoor exposure in which the rate of humidity is less than 60% and with indirect lighting having no ultra-violet (UV) rays.In any event, MAX SAUER does not under any circumstances guarantee the result that the user wishes to obtain, and recommends doing tests beforehand to verify the compatibility between colours or colour mixes and the surfaces and tools used for application. These latter items can, in fact, modify the characteristics of Sennelier products. The user recognizes that he is solely responsible for mixes or the application of Sennelier products on any surface that he chooses.By using Sennelier products, the user acknowledges that said products could undergo undesired variations over time, of a nature to lead to modifications in appearance of the final result.The liability of MAX SAUER may not be sought by the user as concerns the consequences of using Sennelier products in accordance with instructions for said products given by third parties (resellers, art teachers, etc…).Sennelier products may contain noxious ingredients, which would be indicated on the products in question. Furthermore, MAX SAUER reminds the user that particular care must be applied when handling products that are specified as dangerous on the labels, as required by regulation, that are placed on them.In the presence of such components, MAX SAUER reminds the user that it is always important to respect the following minimal precautions for use: - Do not ingest the product; - Avoid contact with skin and eyes; - Wear appropriate attire and protect clothing, shoes and other clothing accessories; - Keep the product away from a child who could use it alone and domestic animals, notably during use and storage; - If applicable, supervision by an adult when the product is used by a child; - The products must be stored away from light, in a ventilated and temperate environment (between 10 and 30°c).In case of a problem, contact the emergency medical services (anti-poison centre, etc…).Use of Sennelier products is deemed as acceptance of these conditions of use. For additional information concerning the composition of Sennelier products, contact MAX SAUER by telephone at +33 2 96 68 2000, or by email at mail@raphael.fr