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Sennelier, the exclusive watercolor of the French Society of Watercolor

French representative of exceptional artistic expertise in watercolor, the Société Française d'Aquarelle renews its confidence in Sennelier.

The Société Française de l'Aquarelle promotes watercolor as an art in its own right, through multiple styles and represents it in France and abroad. Recognized society of general interest, the French society of Watercolor gathers 75 professional artists of very high level. Seduced by its pigmentation and its French manufacture, the members of the SFA have for several years unanimously chosen to join the Sennelier brand to make it their preferred watercolor. This desire on the part of these talented artists rewards and honors the brand for the quality of its extra-fine watercolor based on gum arabic and honey, handcrafted in Saint-Brieuc. Sennelier is proud to be able to display on his extra-fine watercolors the mention "L’Aquarelle of the members of the Société Française d'Aquarelle"