Sennelier artist watercolor, l’Aquarelle formula change!

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson, Sennelier artistic director, tells you about the Sennelier artist watercolor, l’Aquarelle, since its formula change in 2012.

Sennelier artist watercolor existed before but did not have the success of the competing brands. Sennelier was best known for pastels or oil paint.

In 2011, Sennelier asked artists by giving them different formulation watercolor tubes without markings in order to test them all. There was an important feedback from the artists with lots of notes about all these colors.

The analysis of this feedback highlighted the needs of watercolorists. They wanted a bright and very pigmented watercolor. Sennelier gave the instruction to the laboratory to create a very pigmented range which spotlights the colors. That’s what the laboratory did by creating an artist watercolor in 98 different colors.

The different sizes available for the 98 colors :
- in 10 ml tubes
- in 21 ml tubes
- in half-pans
- in full-pans

The specificity of this Sennelier is its honey which gives it a remarkable smoothness. This honey has been added to all the colors.

This Sennelier watercolor is also available in different sets : wooden or metallic sets, travel boxes, test pack and the classical metal boxes very often used by watercolorists which can contain tubes or pans. The Aqua-Mini box would be perfect for travelers who love having a small box of Sennelier watercolor with them.

Since 2012, this Sennelier artist watercolor is very successful thanks to its brightness and its smoothness.

Discover the Sennelier Artist watercolor in picture in the video below!