The Sennelier Products are made with respect of traditions since 130 years. The passion of chemistry and colours still guide the descendents of Gustave Sennelier. The traditional workmanship needs very few machines and the recipe are made with tradition and innovation.

A precise dosing

The paintings are a mix of a pigment-bases and binder. Before grinding, it has been mix together in a uniform way. The quality and the large quantity of the pigments used are the key of an exceptional painting.

The fineness of grind

Grinding by hand on a granite slab in 1887, it is still with the same attention that the grinding is made. The mix is grinding for a long time and slowly in order to obtain the finest paste possible.

The traditions with the innovations

Sennelier has become the “reference” brand that it is today for artists because it has always been able to combine the traditions of the Old Masters with the innovations provided by modern chemistry.