Privacy policy

General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP UE 2016/619)


MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) is well aware that the protection of data and privacy is a major stake for all surfers visiting the company’s site. In accordance with the GDPR, MAX SAUER SAS commits to respect your privacy and protect your data – i.e. those items that might directly or indirectly identify you as a person..

The purpose of this privacy policy is to present to you the commitments of MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) in that regard.

What personal data does MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) collect?

MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) collects personal data directly from users when they:

  • Subscribe in the gallery : Surname, given name, year of birth, city, country and more specific data.
  • Create an account to access the site: Email, given name, country
  • Subscribe to the newsletter: Email.

MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) collects these data when it has a legitimate interest in doing so, and follows the CNIL recommendations with respect to commercial prospecting. MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) also collects data that the surfer has not directly entered, such as cookie identifiers, browsing data, etc. A cookie banner appears when you first visit Max Sauer sites ( ; ; ;…). That banner: Informs the surfer of the purposes of cookies and what they achieve. Also directs the surfer to the cookie policy of MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier), which details the data collected and the purposes related thereto. Opposes the collection of data that are not necessary for the functioning of the site.  

Why does MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) collect personal data?

The collected data serve mainly to: Enable the user to access services for the sharing of his works in order to enhance his reputation. Develop statistics regarding the frequency in which the websites of MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) are visited. Provide social sharing functionalities on our websites. Very occasionally, transmit commercial messages by email or via the web Where are my data? The platform is hosted by Touzazimut. Emails are collected on the Sendinblue site.  

Are personal data transferred to third parties?

MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) does not sell personal data to third parties. MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) may transfer personal data to its service providers for the purposes indicated above. Prior thereto, MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) takes measures to ensure that personal data are processed with appropriate protection as required by the laws regarding data protection.The current service providers are: For email communications : Sendinblue. For automatic responses: Autopilothhq. For the management of Galerie Sennelier’s personal accounts : Touzazimut. For the management of Place-to-Paint accounts : Concept Image. For analyses of the site’s frequency: Google. For web targeting operations: Google, Facebook. For the social login: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) may transfer personal data if such is required, or when MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) deems it necessary in order to comply with the laws and other applicable texts, or to protect or defend its rights and those of its employees, customers or any other persons.

How do I exercise my right of access/ modification / deletion / portability?

Each surfer may exercise these rights by sending: A letter to the following address: MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) – 2, rue Lamarck 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC. An email to the following address: Any request must be accompanied by a copy of an identity card. MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) will process your request as soon as possible and, in any event, within one month. Also, you have tools at your disposal that enable you to autonomously delete some data that we collect, or stop the communications: All of our emails contain a link for you to unsubscribe. Certain browsing parameters enable you to refuse/ delete cookies Certain tools enable you to select cookies that you accept or refuse, such as Your Online Choices: Opt-out links are provided by the web tools that we use, which are listed in our cookie policy.  

To contact us

For any questions regarding your personal data, you may contact MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) at the following address: MAX SAUER SAS (Raphaël - Sennelier) – 2, rue Lamarck 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC Or by email at the following address: