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Meeting with an artist: Jeong Seung Bin

In its portraits, Sennelier honors his favorite artists. Artists from all over the world with singular universes. In this portrait, discover the corean aquarelist Jeong Seung Bin. 

Can you tell us about your artistic background? 

Hello! My name is Jeong, Seung bin. My friends abroad call me Bin. I am a Korean drawing artist and illustrator. I draw daily life and travel. I majored in design at university. I'm working as a freelancer now, but I was an animator when I was at a company a long time ago. That experience is now a good experience.

Do you have a favourite or regular technique? What do you like the most about this technique? 

I use a combination of colors rather than one color. One color is the same no matter who uses it. Colors also have their own personality. But I don't mix multiple colors at once. Avoid heavy overcoating on paper. That way I try to keep the rich color and transparency. In that sense, Sennelier watercolors are a very good material. It always maintains transparency.

In your opinion, what is the most important art material for an artist and why? 

The first is paper. Paper is like a kind of land. Just as many cultivation takes place on fertile land, Good paper always produces good results. watercolor is like seeds, and brushes are cultivation tools. Paper, paint, and brushes are enough.

Do you have a favourite colour or art material? 

I like warm yellow and orange colors. It looks a lot like the sunlight that brightens the world. I usually use a pigment pen, but I prefer a fountain pen. I like the unique feeling of lines of fountain pen. And brushes and palettes should always be as clean as new.

How do you organize your palette of colours?

I mostly just use the given color as it is. I don't set it up the way I want it to. I have several brands of paints, but the settings are the same as when I first bought them. It looks better to draw beautifully with only the given color. So now, the setting of Sennelier watercolort is not much different from when I purchased it.

 Tell us more about your style and your influences. 

My painting is not perfect compared to others. I always feel like something is missing. i like it It's not perfect, so people seem to like my drawings. I want to draw a picture that gives comfort and warmth rather than a cool picture.

What’s the best thing about being an artist today? And the most challenging one?

I can draw anytime, and I always get a lot of inspiration from many people and places. Creating something always makes me happy. It makes me see the world a little more positively. It's always fun to listen to many things and look at many things. The most difficult thing is self-management. Laziness is the biggest enemy. And worrying about a new style is like destiny.

 Do you have an advice to share with beginners?  

You have to pay attention to a lot of things. And you have to have knowledge of them. It's not about simply drawing what you see. It is good to fully understand and draw what you see. Diversity of interest will produce various results.

Can you tell us about your actualities, your future projects?

I am writing a drawing essay on my trip to Europe. If it's not delayed, I'm aiming to publish it this year. I am researching the grafting of digital and analog drawing. Maybe it can be shown on video. However, nothing has been decided yet. Please look forward to.

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