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Meeting with an artist: Heggii

In its portraits, Sennelier honors some of its favorite artists. Artists from all over the world with singular universes. Today, it is the pastellist Heggii who take part to the Sennelier Artist Portrait. Discover his story, his artistic universe and his precious advice.

Can you tell us about your artistic background? 

I grew up under my mother who liked art, so I was directly and indirectly influenced by art, fashion, and films. Art was very close to me and naturally received an art education to enter in the Art College. When I entered college, I met textile design as a major, and at that time, I was fascinated by the color itself, which led me to study sensitively taking color choices, combinations and trends. It was time when I could figure out what I liked and what I could make. However, I lost interest in painting itself between reality and dreams, and I forgot painting for a while because I focused on my reality. Then, around two years ago, I met an oil pastel, which led me to paint again, and I am trying to become an artist now.

 Do you have a favourite or regular technique? What do you like the most about this technique? 

I like Knife Painting. I like the technique of applying oil pastel on paper, the depth of the oil pastel's thick touch itself, and the combination of colours when they are mixed together. Contrary to the simple and omitted picture, I like to express the heavy feeling from the color and the oil pastel itself. 

In your opinion, what is the most important art material for an artist and why? 

I don't think it's just one important thing, but if I have to choose one, I think it's a pencil. Because the firmness of the basic frame is important, I think pencil is the start of the picture.

Do you have a favourite colour or art material? 

Rather than a particular color, I feel more attractive in combination with low chromatic colors. Now, oil pastel is my favorite. 

How do you set up your palette of colours?

From an early age, as a habit, even if I don't paint, I take pictures, take notes, or paint color combinations on a sketchbook. Whenever I need, according to the color ratio, location, mood or trend, I change the value and chroma, set the color palette and use them in my work.

Tell us more about your style and your influences.

It's a little burdensome to say my influence, but in spite of a simple picture, with only the color, I can express the atmosphere, personality, and power of the artist or work, and I’m informing of the importance of "color" itself.

What’s the best thing about being an artist today? And the most challenging one?

Through various media, I can easily promote ‘myself’ and from the lightness of it, being a confident artist on my work is my goal.

Do you have an advice to share with beginners? 

They can find their favorite objects, whether it's a film or a painting. If they look for what they like, paint along, and keep practicing, they can figure out what they like to paint and what their style is.

 Can you tell us about your actualities, your future projects? 

I am still just paint what I like. I will develop myself to refill the time I missed, and I plan to expand my area to work in various media.

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Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/he_gii/