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"Green for Oil", eco-friendly additives for oil-paint

Sennelier "Green for Oil", a solution for artists who are allergic to traditional solvents

For many artists, oil paint is the binder that best expresses the intrinsic characteristics of pigments. If it is a natural binder, most often obtained from plants such as flax (linen) or safflower, its implementation requires the use of mineral or turpentine spirits which can annoy some users. These discomforts can go as far as irritations and allergies. These spirits must also be treated when they are in the waste stage. They must not be rejected as is in nature via the sewers but must be deposited in waste treatment centers.

Unlike conventional mediums, "Green for Oil" is a range of mediums and thinner for oil paint that does not contain these spirits because they have been replaced by mixtures of fatty acids and plant esters.

The resins and oils used in the "Green For Oil" range are the same as for the standard additives (ketone resin for the medium, safflower oil for the medium in gel). It is the solvents used to use them which are non-toxic and which make the range non-toxic.

However, their use requires some precautions so as not to alter the drying time of the work.

Artist and Nabismag Blog author Thierry Crignon explains how to learn to use them (extract from his blog)
Test: "Green for oil" by Sennelier by Thierry Crignon 

Thierry Crignon's opinion

"The smell: The smell is pleasant, a little oily, some people say that is close with spring smell. It allows you to paint quietly, even in an enclosed or partially ventilated place. Thinner: The mixture is pleasant to make, but be careful, you have to use very little thinner otherwise you will have a too long drying time, moreover the quality of the product and its use, does not require overconsumption. In the case of mediums to paint "Green for Oil": The liquid medium will allow you to adjust the viscosity of the paint, play with its transparency, and make it shiny on a regular basis. But beware, I repeat, use very little quantity of medium. In the case of gel to paint, it will allow you to give a better texture to your paste, will allow you to make effects of texture. Conclusion: I find it a good alternative, these products will be appreciated for those who paint alla prima, in the fresh. For those in a hurry who want to be done before they start, these products will not suit you. ” 

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