It took over three years, at the turn of the 20th Century, to formulate the Sennelier range of Extra Soft Pastels "à l'écu" and thus to create one of the largest chromatic range of pastels. Throughout the century, this range of tones has evolved, but the heart of its making remains unchanged.

Etui of 30 1/2 pastels à l'écu Bord de mer Code: 132283Etui of 30 1/2 pastel à l'écu Paysage Code: 132284Etui of 30 1/2 pastels à l'écu Assortis Code: 132285Etui of 30 1/2 pastels à l'écu Paysages urbains Code: 132286Box of 80 1/2 pastels à l'écu Plein Air Code: 132235
Etui of 20 1/2 pastels Code: N132231Etui of 40 1/2 pastels Code: N132230Etui of 40 1/2 pastels Portrait Code: N132237Box 80 1/2 pastels Code: N132233Box 120 1/2 pastels Paris Collection Code: N132238
525 shades. All tones are made up of delicate shade gradients, tending towards white *.These pastels are available in 3 sizes**. The range of Grand soft pastels à l'écu includes 62 shades. Their comfortable handling and large contact surface allow large areas to be covered with a high degree of regularity....
Wooden set garnished with pastels. Black wooden set of 60 half pans extra soft pastels. Code : 132271 Black wooden set of 120 half pans extra soft pastels. Code : N132272
Wooden set garnished with pastels. Set of 36 assorted colors. Code : N132105 Set of 50 assorted colors. Code : N132124 Set of 100 assorted colors Portrait . Code : N132130 Set of 100 assorted colors Landscape . Code : N132131 Set of 175 assorted colors. Code : N132142 Set of 250 assorted...
Etui of 12 discovery pastels Code: N132220.120 Box of 24 initiation pastels Code: N132245 Box of 24 pure dark pastels Code: N132240 Box of 24 iridescent pastels Code: N132243 Box of 24 landscape pastels Code: N132241 Empty box of 24 pastels Code: N132244 Box of 48 landscape pastels Code:...
Empty wood set for 50 sticks Code: N262585 Empty wood set for 100 sticks Code: N262586 Empty wood set for 175 sticks Code: N262583 Empty wood set for 250 sticks Code: N262588 Empty wood set for 525 sticks Code: N262589
For Soft Pastels.A clear fixative made from a resin and alcohol base.Creates a totally transparent and matt film. To be sprayed lightly and repeatedly, if necessary. 1 l jar Code: N135275 Spray 400 ml Code: N135277
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