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Barrier Painting Varnish (Alcohol-based)

Creates an insulating film between two coats of paint. Because it cannot be reversed using solvents which allow layers of varnish applied over the top to be removed, this varnish is very popular among restorers since it enables them to return to the previous layer in the event of a mistake. Use with great care.

Intermediate varnish used to isolate oil based paint layers. Particularly useful for the double varnishing technique. Only apply to fully dried paint layers (minimum 6 months). Reduces the risk of sinkage, and allows repainting by isolating the previous coats. May be over-coated with any final painting varnish without risk of distempering the paint coats. 40% solids content. Gives a clear, gloss film.
Thinner: alcohol.

250 ml Jar
Code: N135158