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Sennelier Instagram surpasses the 100,000 followers and organizes a "Giveaway" to celebrate the event.

March 23, 2020

Sennelier's Instagram account has just crossed an important symbolic milestone: 100,000 people, mainly artists, are now subscribed to it.

Proof of the strong commitment that the brand generates among artists, it is now 100,000 followers who follow the Instagram account @ Sennelier1887. Created in 2015, it brings together artists aficionados of the « à l’écu » brand. To realize the dynamics generated by the brand on this social network, just search for the hashtag Sennelier (#sennelier) in the search engine: more than 170,000 contents are published by the artists, a hundred a day! This number of daily publications by artists demonstrates the growing attachment of artists to the brand. An event that the brand will celebrate in April by organizing a Giveaway (name given to the draw on Instagram) which will allow one of its subscribers to win a painting set. To participate, you obviously have to start by subscribing to @Sennelier1887!