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Rectified Turpentine Spirits

«The base product»
Indispensable thinner. Very useful during the abbozzo or sketch phase. It is completely possible to produce a painting only using Rectified Turpentine Spirits.

Pure Landes pine gum spirits are obtained by distillation. Avoid contact with air.
A traditional thinner, recommended for oil paint. Mixed with colors, it produces a very agreeable paste. Particularly suitable for the abbozzo or draft phase and for general work on the painting. When you want to paint longer with fresh paint, a less volatile spirit such as Aspic oil or essential mineral oil is substituted.

75 ml Jar
Code: N135011.75
250 ml Jar
Code: N135013
500 ml Jar
Code: N135014
1 l Jar
Code: N135015