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Fondation Taylor and Sennelier create a €5000 Painting Prize

March 5, 2020 

The Taylor Foundation and Sennelier signed the creation of the Jean-Roch Sauer, Raphaël, Sennelier prize which will be awarded annually and endowed with the amount of € 3,500 and € 1,500 in materials

Founded in 1844 by Baron Taylor (1789 - 1879), recognized as a public utility in 1881, the artists' association, today known as the Taylor Foundation, is one of the most important institutions working for the defense of artists. Its vocation of supporting artistic creation and developing knowledge of the arts is reflected in the organization by exhibitions, the awarding of grants and prizes. Chaired by the artist Jean-François Larrieu, it has 5,000 members, professional painters and sculptors.

Eric Sauer, President of Max Sauer, parent company of Sennelier, approved the creation of a painting prize in memory of his cousin and former partner Jean-Roch Sauer. The Jean-Roch Sauer, Raphaël, Sennelier Prize will consist of a sum of € 3,500, accompanied by € 1,500 of artist materials among the offer of the Raphaël and Sennelier brands.